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dog lying down on table getting examined

It’s Tick Season

Ticks can be actively looking for hosts anytime the temperature reaches above 4⁰C. Ticks primarily hang out in wooded areas, tall grasses …

vet examining dog's teeth and mouth

Benefits of Omega 3s

Omega 3s contain many ingredients that help with the maintenance of good health for your dog.…

cat wearing surgical vest

Is your dog scooting or bum licking?

Every dog is born with two anal gland sacs located on either side of their anus. These……

x-ray image of dog that ate pin

Toxic Grapes?

Grapes and raisins have long been known to cause kidney failure in dogs, however, the reason has never been known.…

White cat sits on counter with pain medication options in front

Puppy Hiccups

big white dog being scanned with microchip tool

Manicures and pedicures

The New York Times just printed an article about a possible link between grain-free diets and an increased incidence of heart diseases in la…

vet team placing anaesthetic mask on dog

Winter walks not enjoyable?

Are you tired of bringing your dog on a nice snowy walk and having them constantly trying to get the snowballs out from their paws?…

vet technician views x-rays on computer

How much exercise should my dog do daily?

The answer of course varies for every breed, age, and level of fitness of dog (and their humans :)…

dog wearing protective eye goggles and receiving laser therapy treatment

Are poinsettias and mistletoe toxic to our pets?

Poinsettias have an irritating sap that may cause tummy upset but is not life-threatening.…

woman with white dog

Fresh Food Treats Your Dog Will Love!

It is always a constant battle trying to figure out how many treats you should be giving your dog each day. Many factors need to be consider…

woman with white dog

Tick Awareness Month

young girl hugs senior cat close-up portrait

How to Keep Your Dog Cool on a Hot Day

Although summer time seems like a great time to get out for some fresh air with your dog, it could also be the worst time if owners are not …

woman with white dog

Chocolate Toxicity

woman with white dog

Keeping Your Pet Busy on Cold Winter Days

young girl hugs senior cat close-up portrait

Diet Associated Heart Disease in Dogs

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woman with white dog

When eyelids roll – ouch!

woman with white dog

Taking a Bite Out of Dental Radiology

woman with white dog

To scratch, or not to scratch – is it even a question?

woman with white dog

Tips and tricks about tooth brushing

woman with white dog

A peek in the mouth

woman with white dog

Brain games

woman with white dog

Is your bestie ready for an emergency?

woman with white dog

Video your pet before appointment with vet

woman with white dog

You are what you eat – cardiomyopathy and grain-free diets

woman with white dog

Ticks are not your dog’s friends