Banded Peak: An Advocate for Animal Well-Being

Dr. Judith Samson French stands as a prominent advocate for animal well-being, and has amplified her impactful voice in this realm. Her passionate advocacy has garnered widespread attention, leading her to feature prominently on numerous news channels, discussing and shedding light on crucial aspects of animal welfare. Dr. French’s expertise and commitment to this cause have made her a respected figure in the field, utilizing these platforms to emphasize the importance of ethical treatment and care for animals. Through her affiliation with Banded Peak, Dr. French continues to drive meaningful conversations and initiatives, inspiring positive change and raising awareness about the significance of animal well-being in society.

W5: Investigation of Canada’s controversial horse meat industry

W5 investigates Canada’s controversial practice of flying live horses around the world to be slaughtered for fresh, raw, horsemeat. The campaign …

Darrel Janz interviews Judith about Dogs With No Names

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Dr. Samson French discusses the use of poison & firearms in Wolf Cull on CTV

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Dr. Judith Samson French Discusses Shipment of Horses to Japan

Banded Peak Vet’s Dr. Judith Samson French discusses shipment of horses to Japan and whether or not these beautiful creatures are being…

A happy dog says “Hello Banded Peak!”

A gorgeous Golden Retriever shows what a vet visit looks like at Banded Peak Vet Hospital by wearing a GoPro camera. Get a peak at the donkeys? …

Rick Mercer & Jann Arden Stop by

A fun day we had when Rick Mercer and Jan Arden stopped by to visit us at Banded Peak. It was a cold day with warm conversation …

Weed control causes concern in Bragg Creek

The head of Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association (GBCTA) is acknowledging there needs to be a better way to deal with pesky weeds. The organization …

Using poison to cull wolves in Alberta is inhumane, says animal advocacy group

An animal advocacy group says the province’s use of poison as a way to cull wolves is inhumane and kills too many other animals inadvertently.